Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was VERY IMPRESSED with my first appointment. I WILL be back to maintain my health. Chiropractors this good don't come around often. I can not say enough good things about my visit!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I will be looking your practice up on and going to to make sure EVERYONE can find a fantastic review about your office!! A million thank you's for making me pain-free after four weeks."

-Nicole S.

"Regarding our son Matthew, Dr. Diegel has done an amazing job of changing this child for the better! Matt has Aspergers Syndrome and therefore has multiple complications but Dr. Diegel noticed by x-ray that Matt's brain stem was being pinched. Dr. Diegel's expertise in diagnosis and treatment has changed Matthew from a suffering obnoxious teenager with Autism to a happy, helpful teenager trying to map out a future!

Thank you Dr. Diegel!!!"

-Tammy W.

"I feel it my obligation to let others know how valuable Dr. Diegel and his chiropractic skills have been to me over the past year.

I am a somewhat, youthful 63 year old reliability engineer.  I treat older manufacturing automation and computer controlled machines that increasingly malfunction or break down, to restore the reliability and integrity of those systems.  This is exaclty what Diegel Chiropractic has done for me over the past year.  Too many years of sitting and working on my computer rendered me pretty much disabled a year ago.

I could not sit thru a one-hour meeting and I could not stand for long either.  If I tried to ease my lower back pain by leaning back against the wall or sittimg slightly back on a table or against a desk, the pain would shoot up my back and grip my upper leg and just about bring me to the floor.  I had been here before, about once a year over the past ten years, but this time I was not getting gradually better.  It had persited for months this time and was now rapidly getting worse.

So, I knew it was either hospital surgery or some good chiropractic help I needed, and fast!  I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I did some searching and asking around.  Several of my associates recommended Dr. Diegel at Diegel Chiropractic.  He treated me a couple of times a week for 2 weeks and then once a week for a month, then twice a month for two months, but before the first month was over, I was back to work with full energy.  Within just two or three months, I noticed I was sprinting up stairs, rather than dragging up the stairs and I felt more rested and healthy.  A tingling numbness I had been noticing in my feet, for the past couple of years also gradually went away.

I return now, to Dr. Diegel, once a month for an adjustment, and truly, I have not felt better.  I do again, those heavy lifting jobs, sitting at the computer, and long car trips that would have, before, sent me into pain for a few weeks.  Not anymore.  I feel 10-20 years younger.

Thank you Dr. Diegel for applying your skills on my behalf."

-Howard C.

"The laser treatments you've done on my back have done miracles in 2 days. I walked in (hobbled) actually and today I feel pretty good. Thanks Dr. Rob still not 100% but I don't think that will ever happen unless you have a magic machine that can take me back in time to about 16 years ago lol but I'm upright so we're headed in the right direction. I would recommend the laser treatments to anyone who is in my position..."

-Maggie H.

"Great experience at Diegel Chiropractic center. Dr. Diegel was kind, caring and professional. He explained everything to me before hand and made sure I was comfortable, adjustment was amazing. Office staff at front desk was extremely helpful, caring and professional as well. I would definitely recommend Diegel Chiropractic Center for your Chiropractic needs."

-Danielle A.

"Dr. Diegel is awesome and does a superb job with my adjustments. John at the front desk is great as well. They are super professional and friendly. I leave the office feeling great. Only chiropractor I will go to from now on!"

-Mariah C.

"Dr. Diegel and staff are great! Everyone is so personable. Being my first time at a chiropractor, of course I was a bit nervous. Dr. Diegel explained everything beforehand and made sure I was comfortable with the process. Then as time went on, he adjusted his course of action if my body wasn’t responding like he hoped for. And it’s working! Feeling better than I have in years. They work with patients individual needs and it shows. Thanks Doc!"

-Sue V.

My Chiropractic Story
By: Sylvia S.

Describe the condition for which you consulted Dr. Diegel.

  • I had pain in my left leg (thigh, shin and hip) when I would walk a few minutes. My ankle felt like a rubber band was around it. I was diagnosed by an orthopedic to have scoliosis and lumbar stenosis. Surgery was in my near future.

Describe previous treatment and the results.

  • I had physical therapy for 6 weeks. It was stretching exercises with very little results, and to come back in 6 months if the pain was very bad, I could get shots.

What drugs and/or medication were you taking? Did you fear addiction and/or side effects?

  • I was prescribed "Darvacet" tablets to take when needed, but I was already taking meds for my heart and did not want any more.

Why did you decide to try Chiropractic?

  • Dr. Diegel's newspaper ad described my symptoms and added he could treat the problems.

Did you have any doubts that Chiropractic would help?

  • My husband Arni and I consulted with Dr. Diegel for almost 2 hours, between his other appointments, but I think I knew I was going to let Dr. Diegel treat me.

What were your first impressions of Chiropractic, this office and Dr. Diegel?

  • Dr. Diegel's office was very clean and orderly, and the treatment was very precise and direct with a lot of sensitivity. Dr. Diegel made me feel like I was his favorite patient. He is a gentleman!

What recommendations did the Doctor make?

  • I saw the doctor three times a week for adjustments. I was given several exercises to do at home and to apply ice on my lower back.

Describe your results including time involved.

  • The result after several weeks was great! I had feeling in my left shin and could walk nearly a mile, and shop Target and Walmart and walk back to my car in the parking lot without back pain or leg numbness.

Is anyone else in your family a Chiropractic patient?

  • My granddaughter (former cheerleader), son-in-law and daughter are chiropractic patients elsewhere.

What would you recommend to others who are sick, suffering or in pain?

  • I talk about Dr. Diegel to almost anyone who asks me how I am feeling. If someone tells me about their aches and pains I tell them about my Dr. Diegel.

Do you think you have benefited from Chiropractic?

  • I have definitely benefited from chiropractic. My neighbor thinks I got taller.

Would you refer a friend or family member?

  • I am surprised at how many people I know (my age) that already go to a chiropractor. I would refer friends and family.

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